About NVC


Nonviolent CommunicationSM (NVC) cultivates encouragement for people to have open hearts, so that they can see every person’s humanity. The assumption is, if and when we can see people’s humanity, we have no enemies. By the term “Nonviolent” we mean perceiving people’s actions or words free of blame, with compassion and open hearts. Long-term practice of NVC supports the capacity to live in peace within oneself and with others, even when our needs are not met or conflict arises.

NVC is a way of relating to ourselves and others, in the present moment, free of past reactions and thoughts of the future. It is a communication based on ‘being present’ in each moment and creating a quality of connection that gets everyone’s needs met through compassionate giving and receiving. By learning to identify your needs and express them free of blame, as well as understanding and being present to the needs of others, you can stay connected to your authentic truth and create a life that it is more fulfilling.

Peace Academy
NVC-style Peer Mediation in Action

NVC provides clarity and understanding about why people behave in the ways they do. It moves people from judging others or themselves toward acceptance, understanding and letting go of expectations.

NVC helps us understand our own, and others’, emotions, and gives us opportunities to change habits of reacting that don’t work for us or others, into habits that are sustainable and life-serving.