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Our NVCnextgen Team is devoted to bringing Nonviolent Communication to as many youth, and those who guide them as we can — teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who interacts regularly with kids.

Right now, our core team is:

  • Genesis Young and Sulara James, Directors
  • Jim and Jori Manske, CNVC Trainers
  • Jamaica LaTurner, Administrative Assistant
  • Stephanie Weisman, Administrative and Research Assistant

We also work with several NVC Practitioners, who have been studying, practicing and teaching NVC for some time. These people support Jim and Jori in their training efforts on Maui:

~Hawkeye Lannis
~Jonia Mariechild
~Nari Tabcum
~Regina Splees
~Robin Krieger
~Becky Lewis
~Heidi Erhardt

Jim and Jori Manske, certified CNVC trainers
Jim and Jori Manske, CNVC trainers

Jim and Jori Manske are internationally renowned trainers, mediators, facilitators and mentors. They have been married and working closely together for over 38 years with an intention to create cooperative systems that serve the well-being of all concerned.

Jori Manske, BA in Social Work from the University of New York, Buffalo, served as Interim Director of The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) from January 2006 until May 2007, and on the CNVC Board of Directors. Jim Manske, BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia, Minor in Psychology, has contributed directly to many emerging NVC communities worldwide, earning him respect within the CNVC community.

In June 2008, both Jori and Jim completed their year and a half term as inaugural leaders of the Global Community Circle (GCC) for The Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org), supporting the growth and well-being of communities in the worldwide CNVC network.

Together Jori and Jim created Peaceworks, their mediation and NVC-inspired business, and helped to found New Mexico Network for Nonviolent Communication, the 501(c)3 nonprofit that funds NVC NextGen. They co-authored The Pathways to Liberation, a developmental tool that increases quality of life and transforms relationships. Their website is located at radicalcompassion.com. They each have certifications in Mediation and Public Meeting Facilitation, as well as certifications in Nonviolent Communication (CNVC Certified Trainers, since 2003) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). They serve their community through training, mentoring, mediation, and have supported organizations including federal, state, city, tribal and private agencies. Jori and Jim have facilitated programs in many local, national and international schools a well as organizations that serve families and children. They have been hired to train in mediation and communication skills in the US, Central America, Asia and Europe, including Mediation Services of the Pacific, Inc., Hawaii.

Currently living in Haiku, Maui, Jim and Jori are contributing to Hawaii NVC and the New Mexico Network for Nonviolent Communication, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Jim and Jori currently offer donation-based and/or funded weekly practice groups on Maui which include a funded NVC Parenting course, where parents learn the skills to connect with their child and one another. They instruct “Mediation Dojo”, which is a practice group where lessons cover the essential elements needed in order to begin to use the NVC process during conflict situations. They also facilitate  “Maui Open Hearted Drop-In Group”, which is a course teaching individuals the skills to increase competence and confidence in awareness, empathic listening, and compassionate expression. Jori and Jim both remain eager to discover new ways of supporting leadership and compassion.

 Contact Jim and Jori at radicalcompassion@gmail.com.