Collaborative & Proactive Solutions

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions is a model of working with children who may or may not have behavioral issues developed by Dr. Ross Greene. CPS creates another lens of which to see the challenges that children, parents, teachers, and administrators may experience when adverse, explosive or disruptive behaviors may occur. 

They typical view is child rearing and teaching is, kids do well if they can. Implying that if a kid is not motivated appropriately they will not “want to” comply with adult requests. Dr. Ross Greene work and ideology supports the idea “kids do well if they can” Implying that kids intrinsically want to do well, want to get along, want to succeed and reside to behaviors that are disruptive and challenging because they lack the skill needed to succeed. 

Dr. Ross Greene’s philosophy is that children with behavioral challenges lac the skill necessary to succeed. EX: Child screaming and crying when parent leave day care. Lagging skill” appropriate emotional regulation and impaired communication skills.

No matter if the child is comforted by an adult will the child learn how to resolve the issue of parent leaving without throwing a fit. The child must be taught, shown, and supported to learn the skill to resolve the problem. Dr, Ross Greene’s work with Collaborative and Proactive Solutions focuses on the unsolved problems that create behavioral challenges. Emphasizing that teaching children the skills to resolve their unsolved problems will lessen challenging behavior. Dr. Ross Greene has an assessment form which outlines  a number of lagging skills that children with behavioral issues may have. Take a look yourself at these lagging skills. You may be surprised and find some that you have yourself.

We find that the significance of focusing on the CPS is that it goes beyond labeling, diagnosing and focusing on the behavior and goes more directly to the source which will help resolve the problems of all involved, the child – getting what the need and learning a skill, the adult – getting what they need while helping teach and resolve problems of children.