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On the Punishment and the Protective Use of Force; by Jim Manske

For me, distinctions about “the protective use of force” seem one of the concepts most likely to be misunderstood and misused in NVC. We make a distinction between the punitive use of force and the protective use of force.  The goal of punishment is “To teach the other a lesson” about the way we want […]

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Being Present with Feelings; by Jim Manske

  I remember the first time I saw a kaleidoscope. I felt awed by the ever-changing, unique patterns that materialized and disappeared as I manipulated it. I felt entranced by the beauty and complexity, joyfully astonished at the seemingly infinite variety of temporary pattern and color. I still feel excited when I see kaleidoscopes! When […]

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N>N>N>N Four Skills of Self-Empathy; by Jim Manske

Notice Name Need Now Here’s a quick self-empathy tool you can try, an homage to the 14th letter of the English alphabet, the letter N. 1. Notice.   Notice what’s happening, right  now.  You can notice anything, and it can contribute to self-reflection and self-understanding. You can notice a feeling, especially a feeling of separateness.  You may […]