NVC Videos

Watch Nonviolent Communication in action in these videos demonstrating Universal Needs & Empathy towards others or oneself, and made in Maui, Washington state and Denmark.

Here are some videos from our Maui-based NVC trainers, Jim and Jori Manske, demonstrating some basic NVC concepts:


NVC for the Next Generation is excited to share this video series created in Denmark that features NVC in practice in schools with youth.

Here is the first in the Denmark school video series that demonstrates how well the integration of training youth in Nonviolent Communication at school has succeeded.

More videos that demonstrate Nonviolent Communication in action with youth, in this Denmark series can be found on Culture of Peace’s website.

Film 1 of 5 about resolving conflicts in schools. The first film provides an introduction to Nonviolent Communication and the application of the methods in classrooms and schools.

See how teachers resolve conflicts using the methods of Nonviolent Communication and how this boosts the feeling of community and Culture of Peace. This contributes to stronger children who are better equipped to manage a complex and changing world.

Four of the films follow a preschool teacher and one film is about a teacher in 6th grade. The films show how the children are learning to understand their own feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others.

Children of all ages can learn how to resolve conflicts using the 4 principles of Nonviolent Communication: observations, feelings, needs and requests.