Restorative Justice Bills

Aloha supporters of Restorative Justice!

After much toil and perseverance, our House and Senate companion restorative justice bills HB427 & SB1414 ( which support victims and give them the option for a restorative justice approach instead of the traditional punitive justice approach) are finally having their review hearings by their respective committees this month! 

We would love your support with testimony, even if it is just in the form of a short statement of support (e.g. “Yes, I support this). Instructions to sign up for automatic notifications for these two companion bills, and how to testify for them, are included below. I believe that if we are ever going to have peace in the world, we need to have a restorative justice system. Restorative justice has been proven to decrease recidivism and increase victim and offender satisfaction, and it is extremely cost-effective compared to going through a trial.                 

We are not trying to eliminate the punitive justice system-  restorative and punitive justice must coexist side-by-side, as an offender must admit guilt in order to be eligible for a restorative solution.

Our bills simply mandate that restorative justice be a given as an option that is available in all counties across the state, offering greater opportunity for reconciliation and repair of the harms committed by the offender, to individuals and the community. I hope that you will choose to take the time to support this important legislation and to do your part in helping to cultivate peace in the world.  As Martin Luther King said, “If you want peace, work for justice”.

Genesis Young, MD, 

Director of Nonviolent Communication for the Next Generation and the Teran James Young Foundation. 

(808) 866-0833

Notification/Testimony Instructions:

*The legislature only accepts Testimony in the narrow 24-48 hour window before each hearing, Please sign up for automatic notifications so you don’t miss your chance to testify!

*Instructions for how to submit testimony can be found here: