What do schools need to get started?

NVCnextgen has various projects within schools and the juvenile youth division and the greater Maui Community. NVCnextgen works to create and implement Restorative Schools. A restorative school is one where the community and relationships of students, administrators and faculty is strong & intact. A restorative school is one where behavioral issues, suspensions, tardiness or absences are decreased due to the cohesiveness of addressing these issues by developing strategies to support students through behavioral issues that assist students, faculty, and administrators in learning skills to self regulate, build community and be accountable

NVCnextgen is always eager to support new schools in the effort of creating more peace in the world through becoming a Restorative School.

If you are a parent, teacher, or administrator at a school, or if you have a direct connection within a school that would like our support to develop a Nonviolent Communication Based Restorative School we would love to hear from you. You can call us at 808-866-0833 or email us at info@teranjy.org 

  •  No experience or knowledge is needed to get started. We will work with you where you are at to support your school in developing a plan to become a restorative school. 
  • What supports us in supporting you? Having a team of dedicated faculty, administrators, parents, & counselors to aid in implementing a plan of action for transitioning your school into a restorative school.
  • How long does it take to create a restorative school? There a several phases of implementation to create a restorative school, where there is reduced behavioral issues, suspensions, truancy, violence, and general school disconnection. Phases of implementation include mindfulness, trauma informed care, circles, nonviolent communication, calm rooms, peer mediation, and collaborative & proactive solutions. While implementing these skills we are working with faculty & administrators, and training students as well. Full restorative school implementation starts with a yearly plan, which grows into multiple year plans & goals.