Peaceworks NVC Mandala

“The Four Components of NVC” © 2005 Peaceworks, Jim and Jori Manske

We celebrate receiving positive feedback after trainings we’ve conducted, which reflects that we’ve successfully connected educators with some Nonviolent CommunicationSM concepts .

Below is some feedback we received after a recent training for University of Hawaii Maui College of Early Childhood Education students:

“When a child is acting out it is because a need is not being met. As a teacher it is important not to jump to conclusions and to try and understand what is going on with the child and to figure out what need is not being met.  I also thought that when she said ‘feelings are caused by state of one’s needs’ it was very interesting because it seems like a simple concept but it’s something that you don’t really think about.”

“One thing I learned from NVC was that feelings are caused by the state of a person’s needs. I’ve never thought about it this way, but it makes complete sense.”

“It was very interesting to me that Jim said that language gets in the way.  The way you feel is dependent on you and not other people…It is your choice to take it in a way, or have it affect you in a negative way. So when dealing with my preschoolers at my work, I can make sure to phrase it in a way w/o laying blame on the child for making another child feel a same way. It’s about helping children figure out the underlying need/lack of need after figuring out a feeling, w/o laying blame. How you decide to use language will model and teach the preschoolers a simple form of nonviolent communication.”