NVCnextgen offers opportunities to advance your own education and skill with Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, Trauma-Informed, & Mindfulness. To find more information about upcoming opportunities email: ; or check us on Facebook, or under the linked NVCCalendar

NVCnextgen hosts an Annual Restorative Practices Conference in Maui, Hawaii each year in July. Throughout the school year we offer Peer Mediation Trainings to middle school and high school age children. We also offer 6 week courses relating to Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Practices & Empathy. NVCnextgen offers three week parenting classes. For teachers, staff, and faculty, NVCnextgen offers a 10 session course on Restorative Practices & Nonviolent Communication, monthly educational workshops in-school, and day long trainings.

In addition, NVCnextgen offers a training process that helps our professionals become a trainer of ours through various Nonviolent Communication, Mediation, Restorative Practices, Internship, & Individual Study Courses. For more information contact us at:

Essential elements of Restorative Practices  for a Restorative School we teach are listed below. Our goal is to assist schools in creating a restorative environment for its children.  There is a brief description by each item, but we would be happy to clarify what a training on a specific subject might look like. 
  1. Mindfulness– definition, benefits, methods, self-connection
  2. Nonviolent Communication (NVC)– empathy, self-empathy, universal needs identification, feelings identification, what to do when things ‘come up’, respond vs react
  3. Restorative Dialogue– restorative process, restorative questions, basics of restorative justice and why this process supports community rather than breaks it down
  4. Respect Agreements– Living document to be visited regularly.  Represents values, commitments, accountability for classroom.
  5. Trauma informed care– building an environment based on safety, healing and trust
  6. CPS = collaborative proactive solutions– based on trauma informed care (executive skills, language processing skills, emotion regulation skills, cognitive flexibility skills, social skills, and triggers
  7. Community Building Circles– experiential lesson on the power of circles. How and why circles bring community together.  Further discuss benefits and support implementation.
  8. Reentry Circles– after one has ‘served’ their term, reentry circles help them reintegrate into their community.  Reentry circles are to acknowledge and support someone that has been forced to step outside their community for any reason.  (illness, suspension)
  9. Restorative Circles– after harm has been done, use the circle process to repair and rebuild relationship(s).  Any and all persons touched by the harm are welcome to join this circle process.
  10. Formal restorative conferences– for more serious offenses, pre-conferencing, formal seating arrangements.
  11. Peer Mediation– students supporting students with conflict and the positive changes implementation will bring
  12. Restorative Room-designated area of school used to re-direct behavior before escalation.  This is a trauma-aware environment and is calming and comfortable with supportive adult supervision.
  13. Equity & multiculturalism– inclusion, fairness, and focus on commonalities to strengthen community.
  14. Conflict curriculum– tools to support students’ awareness that conflict is a natural part of life.  Activities that bring consciousness of their emotions and offer choices for handling situations.
  15. Sources of Strength (SOS)- A radically positive approach to mental health, trauma, and suicide prevention.  SOS is a peer- lead school-wide network focused on helping youth to build resiliency through cultivating their strengths and form connections to create a positive culture of support in their school and in their larger community. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions about, or would like additional information about, any of these training subjects. 

NVCnextgen is pleased to work alongside Maui schools toward our joined mission of bringing more peace to our schools, families, communities, and beyond!