NVC Calendars

Find out about the growing number of Nonviolent Communication trainings happening around the world at the Center for Nonviolent Communication:


Join us for NVC and Mediation!
every Friday,  3:30-6pm Online

Bring your conflicts to this group for free mediation and learn Nonviolent Communication skills while we do this!  Let’s lean into conflict as an opportunity to connect and deepen our relationships. Together we will tune into feelings and needs as we work through past and present conflicts with NVC.

Want to learn more about the NVC mediation process? Subscribe to NVCnextgen’s YouTube Channel and check out this introductory video for an explanation of how it all works. The best way to learn NVC based mediation is by doing it, so we hope you will join us to experience it for yourself!

Practice Mediation and NVC with us every Friday from 3:30 to 6pm online on Zoom.