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Greetings, Friends,

This week of June 26, 2017, We will continue to work with “Enemy Images”, deepening our understanding and practice of NVC in relationship to anger.
Anger is the fuel source of enemy images, and likewise, enemy images stoke anger (along with its cousins, contempt, resentment and revenge).
What could the life-serving purpose of these strong separating emotions be?
Shouldn’t we learn to more effectively repress anger?
Should we ignore it and hope it goes away?
Should we just let it fly, venting our anger without regard to consequences?
How can NVC help us to work with anger and enemy images?
No previous NVC experience necessary!  Everyone welcome!
Note:  Jim and Jori will offer 4 more classes before leaving for a three month tour of Asia.  Please come and see us before we go!
Monday from 4:30 – 6:30 pm HST

Haiku Directions

We offer this in the spirit of compassionate giving and receiving. Open to all (No childcare available)

CNVC International Intensive Training (IIT) on Conflict Transformation,

Nov 10-19, 2017       Early Bird Discount still available

Also ​


4th Saturday of each month.  Rodger Sorrow,  CNVC Certified Trainer, will be hosting in July, August and September

1pm-3pm HST, 4-6pm US-PT

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