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Greetings Friends,
Our time in Sri Lanka came to a close today, and this afternoon we boarded a plane for India.  I’m full of savoring for our time here, and have a lot of wonder about what will unfold next…
We were invited to Sri Lanka to participate in an International Intensive Training (IIT).  What happened here is an inspiring example of what can happen when communities unite with a shared purpose.
The tuition for an IIT is set at $2340. Here in Sri Lanka, the average family monthly income, translated into US dollars, is about $300 (according to 2013 government statistics).
Thus, only the rarest of the elite would likely have access to the financial resources to attend an IIT. Even the room and board fees are likely beyond the easy reach of the average Sri Lankan. Thus, in the way I understand a meaning of the term, it is a privilege to attend the IIT.
What I would like to see happen actually happened! The CNVC board appropriated funds to support the IIT. At least 3 of the trainers came as volunteers and received no fee. Two paid their own airfare and room/board expenses.
The local community also found resources to cover the room and board costs. I have been deeply inspired by the work of Certified Trainers Ramanusha Poopalaratnam and Joe Williams and their local NVC organization CCT (Compassionate Communication Training).
The result? 55 participants attended, most of whom came without any direct costs to them (acknowledging that many lost the opportunity to earn income during the 10 days).
As a result of the efforts of local organizers and our CNVC community, all of us, trainers and participants deepened our understanding and integration of NVC, and that is likely to contribute to the ongoing efforts to heal from 30 years of a civil war that ended less than a decade ago. Additionally, other folks from South Asia were able to attend for only a $500 tuition, and they will be taking new skills and a network of support home to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.
Do you join me in savoring this reallocation of resources? Is this the world you want to live in? Would you be willing to make a donation to CNVC so this practice can become more sustainable and available, right now? Link to PayPal donation. There is no amount that is too small to matter, because you matter!
Now, on to India!
Warm aloha,

Offerings this week: (for more info click on blue links or see below)

MONDAY, August 14:  Open Hearted Practice Group led by Hawkeye. 4:30-6:30pm in Haiku.
This Week: We take another step in creating the safe dialogues we want. Building upon empathetic listening and self responsible speaking, we now practice the transition from speaking to listening, connecting with requests that move the conversation forward in connection.
We offer this in the spirit of compassionate giving and receiving. Open to all (No childcare available)

TUESDAY, No Kihei Practice Group this week with Becky Lewis. The group usually meets every other Tuesday4:00-6:00pm.

“The intention of our group is to practice and deepen our NVC skills. Newcomers are welcome.”  Contact Becky for more details.

***Please note: Becky is off island in August and September so the practice group will be suspended until her return.***


FREE NVC WEBINAR: 4th SATURDAY of each month.  This month will be with with Rodger Sorrow, CNVC Certified Trainer

1pm-3pm HST4-6pm US-PT

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