NVC Teaching Materials

NVCnextgen is in the process of assembling a curriculum for K – 12th grades, as well as a Peer Mediation Curriculum. If you sign up for our email list, we’ll let you know when we’ve published these for purchase.

Also, you can visit CNVC’s resources and bookstore for additional teaching materials.

COURAGEOUS COMMUNICATION: a Nonviolent Communication Curriculum for the
Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center by Peggy Smith, CNVC certified NVC Trainer

Practice Group Curriculum:  Ultimately, your group will develop its own set of favorite things to do, big groups, small groups, empathy sessions, practice exercises, role-plays and heart-connected discussion. All have a place in practice groups. The following is a typical format for an evening. Many groups have found it helpful to start with a general structure and then make changes based on the needs of the group from there. This way members get more learning and less “process” in the beginning and it contributes to harmony, ease and learning.

The LIFE CurriculumLiving in Passion and Restoring our Wholeness through Compassion. The LIFE Program is a two-year, intensive program focused on the two-fold path of Living in Passion and Restoring our Wholeness through Compassion. Each of the four retreats will introduce practices and processes that serve this integration and development. The program will follow a developmental sequence going from inner work to application in relationship and community.

Mindful Schools: This eight-week online course* offers an opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice by exploring the realm of interpersonal communication in all aspects of your life: personal, social, and professional. In it, long-time Mindful Schools teacher and communication expert Oren Jay Sofer draws upon the tools and insights of mindfulness practice, the internationally used system of Nonviolent Communication, and the science of nervous system regulation. Videos, exercises and detailed lecture notes guide you through a step-by-step, integrated approach to understanding and transforming your communication.