Our Mediators



Jim and Jori Manske, married and working closely for over 38 years, share the intentions to cooperate together in the great adventure of life, to openly and honestly share their deepest thoughts and feelings, and to honor and accept each other with ever-increasing ability. These intentions continue to frame not only their relationship with one another, but also all their relationships and work.

As co-creators of peaceworks, they offer training, mediation, facilitation, organizational development, consulting and mentoring. They have been working with a variety of businesses, community groups, government, NGO’s, private groups and individuals since 1971. They each have certifications as Trainers, Mediators, and Facilitators, as well as certifications in Nonviolent Communication since 2003 and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and have degrees in Communication (Jim) and Social Work (Jori).





Hawkeye Lannis, dedicated nonviolent communication and restorative practices facilitator for school and community projects. Hawkeye works diligent to educate the young minds of Maui youth about conflict resolution, needs awareness, and social emotional well-being. Hawkeye can be caught most days running between I’ao Intermediate school hallways, educating students, teachers, and parents while helping us to implement our first Restorative School!

Hawkeye offers training, mediation, and facilitation and consulting. Hawkeye has experience in restorative practices and restorative justice and is supporting the organization in implementation of this here in Maui.