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Supporting Each Other in Crisis

Let’s take this opportunity to connect and support each other in being clear and caring with ourselves as well as others in the midst of uncertainty, personally and globally.  

Monday in HAIKU 4:30-6:30pm. Together let’s see what we can … Read the rest

Compassionate Communication Needs Awareness

Everyone is welcome to the NVC Community; By Jim Manske

For the last several years, the Center for Nonviolent Communication has been building a new organization and visioning the global NVC Community. I enjoyed working with a team of that included four other certified trainers; Eva Rambala, Mary Mackenzie, Gyano … Read the rest

Compassionate Communication Conflict resolution Conflict Resolution Skills

Why Do We Have Feelings; By Jim Manske

Imagine it was your job to operate a complex piece of machinery, for example being the pilot of an aircraft. As the pilot, you have clarity on your role, and you have been well trained to perform it.
And then,
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