Compassionate Communication Empathy Development Needs Awareness Self-Empathy


Walking quickly and alone along a wooded path at the conference center, I heard heavy footsteps and I felt a stab of fear.  I looked up to see a deer about 20 feet away on the hill.  I felt relief and connected to the beauty of the life around me.  Reflecting, I realized that I feared for my safety from another person who might be in the woods and might possibly want to harm me – one of US!

Reconciliation and connection are the antidote for the sense of fear many of us have of each other.  Through the awareness of our interdependence and through compassion we can bring safety to us all.  People do not harm others to whom they feel connected with compassion.

Through the practice of Nonviolent Communication we can transform the fear that divides us with a mentality of “us” and “them” which perpetuates enemy images like the one I had in the woods.  Although not always easy, especially in the situations that are already difficult for us, these simple, practical skills support our refocusing our attention on our common humanity and stimulate our natural experience of compassion and connection.

I am committed to dissolving my habitual reactions and being present to what is really happening from moment!  Join me and others in a commitment to connection, presence, and peaceful resolution of inner and outer conflict.