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Update from Hong Kong; By Jim Manske

Hong Kong is like island living on steroids.  Surrounded by familiar tropical flora like ti trees and hibiscus flowers, the energy of the city vibrates with the constant background buzz of construction.  The skyline is dotted with lush green peaks and a myriad of industrial cranes hoisting new skyscrapers in every direction.  With a scarcity of land, the only way to go is up!

We arrived here a few days ago with ease even in the midst of Mercury being retrograde.  Ease, at least when compared with the potential problems of 24 hours of flights and airports and border crossings.  As usual, Hawaiian Airlines shines with Ho’okipa (hospitality) and Aloha.

Our hosts and translators, Chi and Rube, met us at the airport and guided us to our new home.  We are staying at a youth hostel (I feel so young!) in a bustling neighborhood ten minutes from the subway system which links all of the islands of Hong Kong.  (Can you imagine a subway from Maui to Lana’i and Moloka’i?)

The hostel is a renovated public housing structure built after a catastrophic fire in the 1950’s.  We requested comfort and quiet to soothe our jet lag and support the shift of our bodies to a new timezone 6 hours and 1 day in the future.  The place fits the bill, and we have quickly acclimated, although we are in bed by 9 pm and up very early.

We’ve spent the first few days playing tourist and preparing for our Nine Skills workshop that begins today.  We have about 35 folks coming to learn together with us in the spirit of mutual education.  One of the joys of being an NVC trainer is I’m constantly learning from the people who practice with us.  Each interaction remains a precious opportunity to practice NVC and enjoy connecting.

Now, off to breakfast, then to the great adventure of navigating the subway again to find our training venue!  Please keep practicing, for your attention and intention determines whether you live in a peaceful world or go to war.  I pray for peace.