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Update from Guangzhou

Greetings, Friends,

We’ve completed our plurk* here in China for this trip!

Our first weekend workshop here in Guangzhou over the weekend included about 35 participants, most of them local, but some from as far away as near Beijing.

We’ve been playing a game early in the workshop to ask folks to sort themselves by when they first learned about NVC.  This week, a significant number stood in one area and remarked that they had begun learning NVC “twenty minutes ago”.  How wonderful to meet so many new folks interested in communicating with connection!

At the end of the two days, we asked folks to check out with one take away (to protect time and support those who had trains and planes to catch).  Almost no one fulfilled our request, with many stating at least 3 insights or take always that they imagine will change their lives, from now on.  That kind of feedback makes the efforts and challenges of international travel “worth it” to me!

Today is a long, long travel day.  In a few minutes, we will board the train for Hong Kong, then later this evening (8 pm Monday, local time) we take off on the first of three flights home.  On Monday at 8 pm in Maui we arrive.  Even though we travel for more than 24 hours, we arrive and leave at the same time!  This strange time shift continues to blow my mind.

I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing you all again!  We intend to offer the Mediation Dojo this Friday.

We also will begin an 8 week series on NVC Academy on Tuesday at 1 pm HT focusing on 9 Skills for Navigating Conflict.  If you are interested in joining us for this video based class, you can follow this link:

Looking forward to our next connection,


*plurk = play + work, a term we learned from Dianna McKenna in Durango, CO