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We made it home!  

It took 52 hours due to storms and rerouting – what an adventure!  We can share more about this when we see you. Here’s what we are doing his week:
    Monday 4:30-6:30:  9 Skills Navigating from Conflict to Connection
Prefer to do this online on Tuesdays?
Check out 9 Skills for Navigating Conflict on NVC Academy.
For more information and to register Click Here.
     Friday 4-6pm Mediation Dojo (see more below)
 Check out Becky’s class on Tuesdays below

More About Monday’s class:  We will share some of what we have learned during our trainings in Hong Kong and China.  Teaching NVC in a different culture has helped us to understand in an even deeper way how the skills and consciousness of NVC offer us a universal pathway toward creating connection and compassion within ourselves, in our relationships, in our communities and in the world.  Please join us Monday for an overview and deeper understanding of the 9 Skills for navigating from conflict to connection with a focus on the Zero Step with lots of practice.  The class is open to all, no previous NVC experience required.

More about Friday’s class:  Practice using the skills of NVC helping others connect during a conflict as a way of increasing access to skills for navigating conflicts in your own life, as well as contributing to peace between others.

WHERE?  53 Palulu Way, Haiku, off Hohani @ Hana Hwy mile marker 14; Note: both the Hohani and Palulu Street signs are missing.)
Need directions?  Click here or call us at 505-344-1305
Parking is very limited, so please park on the street if possible.

Please do not park on the grass.

If you are arriving after the starting time you are welcome!  And please lower your voice when entering to support those engaged in the class.

You are welcome to drop-in to any or all of these groups and you are welcome to bring requests, suggestions and questions. Feel free to bring friends and family members…no previous NVC experience necessary!  We offer these groups in the spirit of compassionate giving and receiving. Contribute what you choose.

TUESDAYS BIWEEKLY 4-6pm with Becky Lewis: Kihei Practice Group usually meets every other Tuesday.  The intention of our group is to practice and deepen our NVC skills. Newcomers are welcome.  The focus of our group is learning and deepening Nonviolent Communication skills.  Newcomers are welcome.

Contact Becky for more details at 510-761-6215 or


Jori and Jim